Est. 2002

A grassroots independent label specializing in ska, reggae and ‘rock ‘n’ soul’ music. Established on 7/22/2002 by singer/frontman of The Toasters Robert Hingley and managed by artist/musician Jeremy Patton.

After the closing of Moon Ska Records in 2000 and the release of The Toasters album The Toasters – Enemy Of The System on Asian Man Records, the label was created out of a desire to not only focus on releasing new music based around currently active ska related bands, but also as a home to rebuild, reclaim and produce new releases in The Toasters catalog. Originally going to be called “Buck’s Records”, then “Monolithic Records” (but was informed that name already existed…), the launch release of Various – Still Standing – A North American Ska Uprising was a 4CD ska compilation jointly produced with Jump Up! Records.

The label has since released over 100 albums worldwide, as well as having established (then discontinued) a branch based in Valencia Spain, and co-released albums with other notable records labels such as Jump Up! Records, Stubborn Records, Stomp Records, Leech Records, Drastic Plastic Records, Ska In The World Records, Phoenix City, What Happened To The Reason For Screaming Records among others.

Megalith continues to release new material from current bands as well as re-issues of The Toasters catalog. 2018 & 2019 saw the release of both brand new material from The 2Tone Lizard Kings in the form of ‘Robert FacePlant’ released on digipak CD [MEGA 060], cassette tape [MET 009] and vinyl [MEV 022], the same treatment was given to The Toasters ‘Pirate Radio’, which is a re-pressing of ‘Enemy Of The System’ with bonus tracks and new mastering. 2020 has brought some interesting roadblock as well as some new opportunities and renewed motivation.

Megalith Records changed my life.

Super Ska Fan