Digital Releases

The digital frontier…

We embraced and depended on the digital sales model from the very beginning of the creation of the label. While working through CD Baby and seeing it change hands and then the ‘free/unlimited’ streaming platform model come into play, we managed to not only get all our releases into all the major digital sales outlets, but as well as help some unknown bands from other countries get their music placed too. I know we have connected to fans we never would have had there not been these services available, we were even able to get Mr. T-Bone into a Quizno’s commercial because of the digital insertion market.

Things drastically took a dive around 2016 (I’d have to look at the numbers to find a more exact time frame) and digital sales completely fell off the board. People weren’t ‘buying’ their downloads anymore because Spotify, Pandora and YouTube were letting you stream on every device for free. During this time, we cancelled all our digital distribution services with our bands and returned all rights to them to allow them to insert, promote and sell their music digitally as they deemed best. We currently only collect monies and royalties on sales of The Toasters music.

Please contact bands directly if you wish to license their music.
Links posted here are for traffic redirecting, not for direct sales through Megalith Records.
SoundCloud is interesting. More like an old school “intern