18 Years & Still Standing

A lot has happened since we (Robert ‘Buck(et)’ Hingley & Jeremy Patton <—that’s me) started this label in June of 2002. Buck moved to Spain and then back again, I raised a child (now almost 18!) and went through multiple bill paying (or not!) jobs. The label ventured into various areas of the industry and ska scene. From domestic standard jewel case CD release, to taking bands on tour, organizing concerts, releasing albums in various countries and with multiple bands, distributors (MVD in the United States, Satélite K in Spain & BrokenSilence in Europe) and various labels across the globe. We were right up front with the digital push and have supported that model all the way. It itself has changed dramatically too since the beginning of the millennium.

Social media trends have come and gone, digital sales and streaming services have been established and disappeared. Vinyl has made a resurgence (for how long?) although there’s still records that don’t sell. The focus of the label has shifted and adjusted both by choice and by force over the past (almost) two decades.

Currently interests are in re-establishing and developing a more cohesive online profile & brand. Online exclusive sales and media content are the focus. Developing (this) new web site as well as building up our YouTube channel and BandCamp sites. Our last two releases have also been a shift in manufacturing formats and production styles. Moving from jewel cases to digipaks for our CD product and releasing a vinyl and cassette tape package in tandem with the release of the CD and digital insertion.

The horizon is currently a wild place to view. There are many ideas and projects in development, the record label does not operate, and never has, in the traditional sense, that was part of the plan from the beginning.

Megalith Records, uniquely ska. -2020+

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Archived Press Release 12.04.2003

Archived Press Release

Bringing to you today’s finest ska acts, Megalith Records fires off its first year with a planned twelve record release goal. Seven albums are currently available for purchase and at least 4 on their way, this may prove to be a very promising year!

Founder Robert “Bucket” Hingley (you may remember him from the likes of Moon Ska Records and The Toasters *wink wink* *nudge nudge*) has plans to bring ska back to the place it should be, in the hands and ears of the fans. Continuing his grassroots tradition, Megalith Records is ran solely [jointly .ed] by, the man himself, Bucket, and with promotions, artwork design and a potpourri of other business, by Jeremy Patton. The label is truly run for the love of the music. Instilling help from Brett Trach at AtoZ Media Music Services for manufacturing and reproduction of our products, some music mastering from Jeff Baker (aka King Django) and some friendly distribution from JumpUp! Records, Megalith Records plans to be the label for the people.

Selling the records from the [our] website and at shows from bands on the label, we are able to keep costs low for you, the less we spend the less you spend and the more goodies we can bring to you!

With a line up of bands like The Toasters, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Victor Rice, King Django and Westbound Train already aboard, we look forward to releasing new albums by Desorden Publico, Eastern Standard Time, The Bluebeats, Hub City Stompers, The Rudy Crew and many many more in the future. 

Archived Press Release 07.23.2002

“Still Standing” Press Release



The Toasters frontman Bucket and JUMP UP RECORDS impresario Chuck Wren have unveiled plans to collaborate on a monster double cd compilation entitled “STILL STANDING” as a joint release on JumpUp! Records and Buck’s new label MEGALITH RECORDS. The aim of the compilation is to unite artists nationwide on a release celebrating the resilience of SKA music in the face of the recent indie music collapse.

Just as the legendary New York Beat compilation (Moon 1986) this release is geared towards kick-starting the engine of a ska scene that has stalled after the mainstream excesses of the late nineties which led to the disappearance of scores of bands and sunk flagship Moon Records.

Chuck and Bucket devised the idea in order to reconstitute the network which functioned so well for the SKA underground over the years but has been lost in the post-apogee vacuum.  One of the main successes of the old grassroots approach was to foster and support local scenes. These could then be tied in to a national framework creating wider touring opportunities for established artists whilst at the same time creating exposure for local acts who could then begin to climb the ladder. This co-operation was frittered away in the “every man for himself” atmosphere of 1997-2000.

Chuck and Bucket would like to see a return to way things used to be. Now that they have been working together since 1987 and as Chuck puts it “We’re about the only 2 left”. That is about to change!

Submissions are now being accepted by Bucket, Chuck and Jeremy Patton (Toasters webmeister) via listed email addresses for mailing instructions. The following criteria apply:

1) Band must be ACTIVE.

2) Submissions must be original tunes. No covers please.

3) Tunes must be submitted in triplicate on CD format only. In order to provide best sound quality possible we will not review MP3 product.

4) Submission deadline is August 31st

Putting the Ska power back into the grassroots!!