Track List

  1. 2Tone Lizard Kings “Dance Of The Tarantula”
  2. The Dropsteppers “Center City”
  3. The Rudie Crew “Skragga”
  4. The Pepper Pots “Train To Your Lover”
  5. Royal City Riot “The Rhythm”
  6. Freddy Loco “Fight Isn’t Out”
  7. Red Five Point Star “Worst Case Scenario”
  8. The Blaster Master “Rude Boy Life”
  9. RiceRokit “All The Pretty Things”
  10. The Void Union “Higher Guns”
  11. Carlos Dingo “Hong Kong Gangsters”
  12. Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra “Lovemonster”
  13. Hub City Stompers “Skinhead Boi”
  14. PASO Roots Rockers “Late Night Date”
  15. Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation “Monkey Face”
  16. Buford O’Sullivan “Woa Let Me Tell You”
  17. The Dendrites “Murder Mystery Weekend”
  18. Tommy Tornado “Desert Storm”
  19. Fast Food Orchestra “Dawn, Susan And Gwen”
  20. The Toasters “One More Bullet”

Various Artists : Label Sampler Vol. 4

Release Date 11/13/2012
Digital Download

This was originally to be physically pressed and released in China to coincide with The Toasters tour of Asia in 2012, as well as be a showcase for our 10th Anniversary year (Megalith Records Est. 2002). Unfortunately both this album, which would have been free, and The Toasters “Best of” album [ME 037] were unable to be released due to current government restrictions.

The album contains tracks off our current releases, a few tunes from previous releases as well as some brand new tunes from future works in the pipe. The [Tommy Tornado] track ended up being released on the JumpUp Records LP release not on Megalith Records. Tracks by [Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra] and [PASO Roots Rockers] would go on to be released on the Megalith Records Europe double CD release [ME 036].

This is the best sampler album ever. It has introduced me to all sorts of new bands! A must own.

Ska Fan