Still Standing :: North American Ska Uprising : 4CD : JUMPMEG50
Release Date :: March 25th, 2003

This release is a JumpUp! Records and Megalith Records joint effort. Four CD compilation of ska bands currently still working in The scene, some have been around for a long while, some are just joining The game. A total of eighty eight bands were chosen for this release, after listening to close to two hundred or more cds. Those that didn’t make it on The CD deserve recognition for putting forth the effort and trying to get their work out There. We thank all who have supported this release and hope to see you still standing years from now!

Disc 1
1. The Toasters “Sitting On Top Of The World” (Remix)
2. Mass Hysteria “Please Please Please”
3. Secret Agent 8 “Fool”
4. Stingers ATX, The “Rich Boy Now”
5. Irie Beats “No Jodes”
6. The Israelites “Dear Lord”
7. Green Island “The Line Between”
8. Las Cabriolas “Leaving Town”
9. Allstonians “Fear And Loathing In Allston”
10. Tri State Conspiracy “Walking Dead”
11. Let’s Go Bowling “Spaced Man!”
12. Hub City Stompers “Night Of The Living”
13. Los Miasmics “It’s About Time”
14. Mrs. Skanatto “Tv For Your Head”
15. Big D And The Kids Table “The Scenester”
16. Donkey Punch “So Sorry To Say”
17. Jaya The Cat “Half Way Home”
18. King Muskafa “Walk Away”
19. Stamp’D “Sitting Alone”
20. Plan Nine USA “Truth Or Date”
21. Taj Motel Trio “She’s Mad”
22. Bum Ruckus “Wuts Your Sign”

Disc 2
1. Slackers, The “Axes”
2. Eastern Standard Time “It’s Alright”
3. Rudy Crew, The “Superficial Fish”
4. New York Ska Jazz Ensemble “Mouse”
4. Afterhours Feat. Greg Lee And Alex Desert “Once In Awhile”
5. Deal’s Gone Bad “Hang ‘Em High”
6. Conscious Youth “Universe”
7. Speakeasies “Time Will Tell”
8. Zvooks, The “Never Care Again”
9. Steady Ups “Come To Tell The World”
10. Mu330 “Hey Now”
11. Kingpins, The “Top 5”
12. Chinkees, The “Market Place”
13. Independents “In The Rain”
14. Barrymores, The “Happy Hour”
15. Agent Double 0 Zero “For You”
16. Superdot “Backward Confession”
17. Straighter Than Pete “Idaho”
18. Out Of Line “My Crazy Ways”
19. Monkey Gone Mad “California Van Song”
20. 12 Cents Feat. Warsaw “Social Suicide”
21. Addicts “Today”

Disc 3
1. Bim Skala Bim “Exit Door”
2. Afterbeat, The “Me And You”
3. King Django’s Roots And Culture Band “L’ Khayim”
4. Strangeways, The “Solid”
5. Know How, The “See Her Again”
6. Planet Smashers “Struggle”
7. Insatiable “City In The Boonies”
8. Players, The “Pop”
9. Skatos “Bomb Time”
10. Spanish Bombs “Cafe Con Leche”
11. Buford O’Sullivan “I Hate My Cell Phone”
12. Victor Rice “Fernandinho”
13. Pietasters, The “Drunken Master”
14. Rocksteady At 8 “Johnny Ray”
15. General Rudie “Rainy Day”
16. Aka Rudie “Is It Ok?”
17. Blackouts “Stop That Crazy Dance”
18. Macon Blue Beat Combo “Rocksteady Through”
19. Indecisives “Monstro”
20. Superspecs, The “Listen Up”

Disc 4
1. Forces Of Evil “Vague Love Song”
2. Stalking Roxy “Ska Band”
3. Mustard Plug “Just A Minute”
4. The Toast “We’re In The Middle”
5. Skadaddyz “Up2U”
6. The Voodoo Glow Skulls “Nada En La Cabeza”
7. First Grade Crush “Believe Eveything You Read Now”
8. Spitvalves “Both Shoes Untied”
9. Buck-O-Nine “I’ve Got To Go”
10. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Time To Toast”
11. The Scorchers “Clean Sweep”
12. Westbound Train “My Heart Belongs To You”
13. Pressure Cooker “Carry”
14. The Allentons “Simple Man”
15. Monkey “The Get Go”
16. The Vessels “Kick A Buck”
17. Mike Mowry “Small Town Ska”
18. Chris Murray “I’m Ready For Love”
19. Cold Spot 8 “All My Life”
20. Asherman And Dub Street Rockers “Keep Steady”
21. 2 1/2 White Guys “Can You Feel That”
22. Skapone “Good T.V.” (Live)
23. Ragamuffin “Phuch Ot”
24. The Schematics “Riverside Drive”

Liner Notes
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Megalith Records
© JumpUp! Records 2003
© Megalith Records 2003

Press Release



Toasters frontman Bucket and JUMP UP RECORDS impresario Chuck Wren have unveiled plans to collaborate on a monster double cd compilation entitled “STILL STANDING” as a joint release on Jump Up and Buck’s new label MEGALITH RECORDS. The aim of the compilation is to unite artists nationwide on a release celebrating the resilience of SKA music in the face of the recent indie music collapse.

Just as the legendary New York Beat compilation (Moon 1986) this release is geared towards kick-starting the engine of a ska scene that has stalled after the mainstream excesses of the late nineties which led to the disappearance of scores of bands and sunk flagship Moon Records.

Chuck and Bucket devised the idea in order to reconstitute the network which functioned so well for the SKA underground over the years but has been lost in the post-apogee vacuum.  One of the main successes of the old grassroots approach was to foster and support local scenes. These could then be tied in to a national framework creating wider touring opportunities for established artists whilst at the same time creating exposure for local acts who could then begin to climb the ladder. This co-operation was frittered away in the “every man for himself” atmosphere of 1997-2000.

Chuck and Bucket would like to see a return to way things used to be. Now that they have been working together since 1987 and as Chuck puts it “We’re about the only 2 left”. That is about to change!

Submissions are now being accepted by Bucket, Chuck and Jeremy Patton (Toasters webmeister) via listed email addresses for mailing instructions. The following criteria apply:

1) Band must be ACTIVE.

2) Submissions must be original tunes. No covers please.

3) Tunes must be submitted in triplicate on CD format only. In order to provide best sound quality possible we will not review MP3 product.

4) Submission deadline is August 31st

Putting the Ska power back into the grassroots!!