Track List
Original “Skaboom!” Release

  1. Talk Is Cheap
  2. Pool Shark
  3. Weekend In L.A.
  4. Shocker!
  5. Toast On The Coast
  6. Manipulator
  7. Mr. Trouble
  8. ABC’s
  9. East Side Beat
  10. Now Or Never
  11. So Long, Buck

Pool Shark LP

  1. Renee
  2. Matt Davis
  3. Ideal Man
  4. Naked City

Recriminations EP

  1. Recriminations
  2. Razor Cut
  3. Run Rudy Run*
  4. Radiation Skank

Live at CBGB’s 1985

  1. Calling All The Rude Boys*

Music Video
Radiation Skank

*feat. Joe Jackson!

The Toasters : Skaboom!

Release Date 02/10/2003
Enhanced CD : Jewel Case
[1st Pressing 1,000 Units]
CD : Jewel Case
[2nd Pressing 1,000 Units]

This release is the first Megalith Records Toasters reissue. All songs from every past Skaboom! release have been included here, as well as a never before released song (the song is a live track of which no studio track exists) “Calling All The Rude Boys” featuring the great Joe Jackson. Also included on the CD is an archival music video montage for the song “Radiation Skank.” The CD contains a small bit of enhancement that contains the liner notes, links to this and the Toasters official site. There is also a link to a Skaboom! only site that will soon contain an in depth history of the Skaboom! releases in their many forms. This is the plan for all future Toasters reissues, trying to bring the fans the most for their money and make a complete product that we are all proud to have. This release should be the end all releases for Skaboom! Unless Europe decides to put this release out also, which at this point there are no plans to do so.

Liner Notes

Thanks for picking up this copy of Skaboom! This new package compiles not only the original tracks for the seminal 1987 release on Skaloid records, but also four tracks which had been exclusive to the British release on Unicorn as “Pool Shark”. In addition there are 4 tracks from the Joe Jackson produced “Recriminations” sessions from 1985. As a bonus there’s a previously unreleased live track recorded at a 1985 CBGB’s pre-production gig where the band was warming up tunes for the EP. “Calling All The Rude Boys” didn’t make it into the studio. That’s Joe on the melodica by the way under his stage name “Stanley Turpentine”! Topping it off is an archival video we were messing around with for “Radiation Skank” that never got out of the can.

These tracks cover the years, which for me, in many ways characterized some of the best times we ever had. Everything was new and fresh. NYC had picked up the pieces of the 2-tone collapse in the UK. The NY Beat compilation project was underway. CBGB’s was a mob scene at our regular gig once a month. We’d put on two local bands and then invite guests such as Potato 5, Donkey Show, Bim Skala Bim and others. The place was always rammed and it was a great time.

The Toasters were born out of a band that had been put together at the Forbidden Planet Comics and Sci-Fi emporium in 1981. One of the galvanizing moments in the formation of this outfit was going to see The (English) Beat play in front of a paltry 150 people at Roseland. This band was originally dubbed Not Bob Marley and became the Toasters (and almost the Bouncers} in 1982. The original line-up had no horns and featured myself, Ade McSpade (the bartender at the infamous Park Inn Tavern , our hang on 7th street and A), Vicky Rose on bass, Gary Eye on percussion and Scott Jarvis on drums (who had just produced the cookie puss EP. for some local hopefuls called the Beastie Boys) we used to rehearse at 171 avenue a in a space we shared with the Bad Brains and punk upstarts the Cro-mags. We played our first gig in 1981 at the A7 club with The Bad Brains.

In 1982 the band produced it’s first (Breakfast Music) demo with the addition of Steve Hex (my room-mate) on keys. Then in 1983 the Beat Up 7″ came out with Jackson Plugz having replaced Scott on drums. By this time the CBGB residency had kicked in solid (we played our first gig there on a Tuesday night and made $32) and American Ska music was getting some exposure in the fan press, although the Village Voice music critic had told me that he’d never review a Ska record. At this time I’d stumped the Toasters demo round every record company in New York and been cold-shouldered from every one. Nobody was interested in Ska, one exec. called it “circus music”. So the concept of Moon records was born out of necessity, being the mother of invention. We were lucky to have Joe Jackson on the crew. I’d originally met him at the Forbidden Planet in London in the late seventies and we both moved to NYC at about the same time in 1980 and used to go out drinking beer together. He’d jump on stage at a lot of the CB’s gigs either on melodica, or keyboards, or even sax one time. He gave us advice on songwriting and took us into the studio to do the Recriminations session, this time with Danny Johnson on drums. I found him a beat up copy of Spiderman #1 in return for the production job. When that record was released in 1985 it was the first nationally distributed record by an American Ska band. That put us on the map, got us a booking agent and gigs out of town, and acted as a magnet for a lot of the players who came in as the band metamorphosed into the Skaboom crew in 1986 with the addition of horns and toasters – the Unity Two. More importantly it laid the foundation for Moon records proper and opened the door on the NYC SKA scene.

The rest is pretty much history, and, if you’d asked me back then if I would still be doing this now, I’d probably have thought you were crazy. But like I said it was a great time. The watering hole was Blanche’s on 8th and A. Toasters, Second Step, the Boilers, the Scene, the Press, New York Citizens, Beat Brigade…we owned the place! There was Ska on the jukebox and people used to drop by just because they knew it was there, Suggs from Madness, Fishbone on their first us tour, Shane McGowan from the Pogues. Mick Conroy from Modern English played a few gigs on bass.

It was a magical time. That’s where most of these songs came from, and listening to them brings that all back. And it doesn’t get any better than that!!

Buck Toaster, Verona, NJ. September 2002

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